Freqax - Meant To Believe LP [OTHCDLP002] [2016]

Freqax - Meant To Believe LP [OTHCDLP002]

Meant To Believe is the long awaited artist album from the phenomenal Freqax.
Originally conceived as a duo back in 2008, the Freqax (short for Frequency Axe) project is now helmed by Weirdo as a solo endeavour, and, after many years of hard work, the 14-track collection is now ready.

Putting together years of experience, the Bucharest, Romania-based producer sees beyond the everyday, layering different genres and musical soundscapes together. Fruits of Freqax's labour can be found on labels like Algorythm, Prspct, Future Sickness, Big Riddim and more, but it is on Othercide Records that the album finds its home.
After the album's opening, cuts like Dark Times and Life (which features Insinkt) continue the vibe, setting out the artist's philosophy of dark and aggressive music, tempered with moments of sheer beauty. The strings, for example, on the latter, are something to behold. We, The World leaves you in no doubt - this album is very special indeed. Starting slowly, drawing every last breath out of each beat, flashing and clashing into existence, the intensity of the production should not be underestimated.

Joanna Syze contributes vocals to the mesmeric Fire Lands, before Frontline, Kluster's rapped Interlude and Prana demonstrate the range of styles on offer on Meant To Believe. Freqax teams up with Neks for the brutal Shockin', all rage and destruction, meanwhile Meant To Be crosses the line marked 'epic' into some totally new territory. Razor sharp, aggressive and painstakingly put together, go to the door marked 'future', and smash it down.
Twisted Vision shakes and shimmers into life, displaying some very nice techstep-esque touches, but nothing can quite prepare you for The Riot. Aided and abetted by Aliosha (H8) and Jay, Freqax pulls out all the stops here, with pounding bass and nasty drums filling your world and your universe. Closers Sick and Shadows (alongside Katharsys and Joanna Syze) round things out perfectly.

An album of vision, promise and power, Believe in Freqax and get it now.

Released by:
Othercide Records

Album release date:
20 June 2016


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