Top 4 of schools for DJs in 2015

DJ school

London Sound Academy promises you fast and big DJ career. Graduates receive exclusive opportunities to play at top notch clubs in London and abroad. The price of 3 courses is approx. £750. Web site is actual for 2015, with responsive nice looking design.

SubBass Academy of Electronic Music claims over 10 years of experience in DJ training. DJ complete course is priced £1,350. After that you have a chance to move out from your bedroom to big clubs. Web site is OK, but not that good as LSA.

Become A DJ provides abilities needed to become a skillful DJ with the price of full course only £750. Definitely do not like that tone of yellow in the title font. over all web site is OK.

Those 3 web sites are found in adsense blocks when you search "school for DJ". What I see in the top 5 is really strange. Number 1 is web site with kiddo logo and design, OK may be it's a popular school for kids. Number 2 web site do not respond. Number 3 looks like it's 2005 outside. Number 4 no comment. Really. Number 5 is decent, because it's a dubspot.

How they moved those web sites to the top?


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