Leon Switch recording and editing mid-range bass 2015

Neurofunk tutorial
Neurofunk Tutorial

Neurofunk tutorial [part 03]

This is an interesting video 20 minutes long, about how to record and process a mid range sounds for a such music sub genres like neurofunk, dubstep or neurohop.

The first sounds of neurofunk's to the front progress - previously diverging from techstep - can be heard in the region of the order of Ed Rush and Optical's Funktion single for V Recordings and a propos the order of their first album Wormhole LP for Virus Recordings in 98.    
It was subsidiary developed by juxtaposed elements of heavier and harder forms of funk amid than incorporation influences ranging from techno, residence and jazz, distinguished by consecutive stabs on severity of the bassline and razor-radiant beats.

Neurofunk (with known more handily and informally as just Neuro) is a subgenre of drum and bass which emerged along surrounded by 97 and 98 in London, England as a progress of techstep.


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